Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LightPointe intros world’s fastest, lowest latency wireless point-to-point technology

SAN DIEGO, USA: LightPointe, the number one manufacturer of 4th generation Free Space Optics (FSO) and Hybrid Optical-Radio Wireless Bridges, and a leading innovator in 60/70/80 GHz millimeter wave backhaul solutions, announced the introduction of the world’s fastest, lowest latency point-to-point bridge, the Aire X-Stream.

The all-outdoor wireless bridge provides faster-than-fiber performance and extreme low equipment latency of less than 20 nanoseconds for latency sensitive data transmission, such as C4ISR military communications (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Reconnaissance) and commercial applications such as High Frequency Stock Trading.

“No other technology is faster for transmitting from point A to point B,” said Dr. Heinz Willebrand, president and CEO of LightPointe. “The Aire X-Stream, which shares several low latency components found in our recently updated AireBeam 70/80 GHz millimeter wave backhaul solutions, includes four-beam auto-tracking optical transmission for faster-than-fiber and faster-than-radio performance, making it ideal for applications requiring the ultimate in transmission speed and low latency.

“Equipment latency is so low—and the speed-of-light performance advantages of Free Space Optics transmission are so great—that an Aire X-Stream signal traveling at 300,000 km/s through the air will outrun a fiber optics cable signal traveling at 200,000 km/s in less than 20 meters. The Aire X-Stream is ideal for carriers, government agencies and enterprises requiring the ultimate in speed amidst the bandwidth crunch driven by such devices as Android smartphones, the 4G/LTE iPad 3 and other data intensive mobile devices, consumer apps and business applications. And best of all, no regulatory license is needed, and it’s immune to RF congestion and RF interference.”

The Aire X-Stream provides 1.25 Gbps full-duplex for distances up to approximately a half mile or 1,000 meters, making the wireless bridge ideal for metropolitan area networks and building-to-building or tower-to-tower connectivity, as well as business, hospital and school campus settings. Individual links can be daisy-chained together for longer distances, or to go around obstacles. Installation is made easy via a standard multi-mode or single-mode data interface, built-in alignment scope and status LEDs.

“Applications such as algorithmic and computerized High Frequency Trading require the fastest data transmission possible,” said Dr. Dave Eaves, principal financial and information consultant at Internet Security Corp., and former senior analyst with Cantor Fitzgerald and TradeWare, a provider of High Frequency Stock Trading software.

“The ability to complete buy and sell stock orders faster than other traders can equal millions of dollars in savings and profits when placing manual orders or automatically through HFT computers, which account for over 70 percent of all transactions by mutual funds and pension funds. Technologies such as today’s fourth generation FSO wireless bridges, which provide extremely low latency and speed-of-light performance, are ideal for time sensitive transmissions.”

Aire X-Stream is shipping now through LightPointe’s channel partners in most countries, including Germany, France, Italy, China, Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom and others in the Middle East.

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