Friday, March 8, 2013

TE Connectivity intros Rapid Fiber panel product portfolio for data centers

USA: TE Connectivity has announced its Rapid Fiber panel product line for data centers. The Rapid Fiber panel is a cabling concept designed to enable speed and flexibility in construction and expansion of data centers, including the many moves, adds and changes they experience.

The Rapid Fiber panel helps data center operators and installers deliver superior service with a faster response time, and is ideal for ever-changing network communications infrastructure environments.

“Response time is always an issue for data centers of all types,” comments Jaxon Lang, vice president of TE Telecom Networks.

“Whether you are adding new equipment to provide cloud or hosted servers, or adding a new colocation customer, ‘time is money’ still applies. Time spent measuring the length of trunk cables, ordering the right length, storing slack, or splicing in a field-terminated solution adds cost and slows down the response to new customers and opportunities. The Rapid Fiber panel alleviates all this by providing a faster and simpler means to connect new equipment racks and colocation cages.”

The Rapid Fiber panel uses TE's unique RapidReel fiber cable spool to deploy dual 12-fiber 3 mm diameter cable—which means the intrafacility cable (IFC) is always the right length. Available in 100-foot increments (up to 1,000 feet), the multifiber cable terminates to a multifiber push-on connector (MPO), which enables a plug-and-play connection to the main distribution area. The MPO connector and multifiber cable ensure fast cable routing and easy handling by technicians, and offers maximum space savings for high-density fiber applications.

The combination of microcable, the RapidReel cable spool and MPO connector technology in a single Rapid Fiber panel relieves cable congestion and simplifies the ordering and inventory of equipment. The Rapid Fiber panel also features TE's industry-leading cable management system—providing bend radius protection, cable routing paths and physical protection for optimal network performance.

“The Rapid Fiber panel is an example of TE’s commitment to addressing the needs of our data center customers,” TE’s Lang adds.

“Physical layer infrastructure often is among the last things planned when building a data center or adding to an existing one. The Rapid Fiber panel speeds up that process with its payout system which simplifies installation and eliminates the need to measure trunk cables to length. Instead of measuring to length and then ordering cables, operators can keep a Rapid Fiber panel on hand or close by for when they need to add racks or colocation customers, eliminating the wait for a cable assembly. Thus, not only does the Rapid Fiber panel save cost on installations, but it can pay for itself by enabling a faster turn up of new customers or services.”

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