Thursday, March 21, 2013

PrecisionMatch mobile handset market insights

INDIA: PrecisionMatch released the first-of-its kind ‘Mobile Handset Market Insights’ for India for the period December 2012-February 2013.

The consumer data in the mobile handset market suggests that Samsung, Nokia, Micromax, Sony and HTC are the five most researched brands on the Internet, and Samsung Galaxy S3 with its unique features is the most researched handset model.

A key insight gathered from the data is the increasing consumer interest in Micromax phones. Micromax was the second most researched handset brand after Samsung in Feb 2013 while Micromax A110 Canvas 2 was the most researched handset model in January 2013.

The data also suggests the increasing popularity of Nokia, with its range of Nokia Asha and Nokia Lumia models that are competing with the likes of HTC, Apple and Sony Mobile. Another interesting revelation is Sony’s consistent performance making Sony Mobile the fourth most researched handset brand.

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