Monday, March 11, 2013

West Africa Telecom signs capacity deal with O3b Networks

CHANNEL ISLANDS: With the historic launch of its first four satellites nearing, O3b Networks announced West Africa Telecom, one of Liberia’s leading Internet Service Providers, has signed a major capacity deal on O3b’s high bandwidth Medium Earth Orbit satellite fleet.

As part of the agreement, West Africa Telecom will rely on the fiber-like speed and quality of O3bTrunk, O3b’s global IP network that delivers sub 150 millisecond latencies and breakthrough affordability and reliability. The innovative offering is a long-awaited technological leap that provides significant advantages over submarine fiber that has arrived along Africa’s coast.

“O3b’s next generation fleet of Medium Earth Orbit spacecraft together with its forward-thinking team is exactly what we need to better serve and grow our customer base across Liberia,” said Archimede Palazzo, CEO of West Africa Telecom. “O3b has the long-awaited satellite solution capable of helping us realize our dreams and meet the demands of our customers with the high quality, reliability and flexibility we must have in the region.”

“This important agreement with West Africa Telecom illustrates the exciting momentum that is building leading up to the historic launch of O3b’s first satellites in May,” noted Omar Trujillo, O3b regional VP, Africa and LATAM. “Innovators like West Africa Telecom have secured O3b Networks capacity to open up a whole new world of connectivity by delivering a new level of communications in underserved and out-of-reach markets across Africa.”

O3b is enabling communications service providers to offer affordable fiber-like capacity around the world. O3bTrunk is a new generation of tiered IP trunking solutions designed to deliver affordable, fiber-like capacity across unconnected and underserved markets. O3b’s unique Medium-Earth-Orbit satellite fleet enables affordable, high-speed connectivity in places where traditional satellite and fiber offerings are unavailable or extremely costly.

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