Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kaiam demos 40km, 40Gb/s QSFP+ transceiver with integrated optical engines

OFC/NFOEC 2013, USA: Kaiam Corp., a leader in hybrid photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology, will demonstrate their 40Gb/s CWDM QSFP+ ER4 transceiver with 40km reach at OFC/NFOEC 2013 in Anaheim, CA, booth #1246.

The QSFP+ transceiver has all the functionality of four DML-based SFP+s on a CWDM grid, and also includes a first stage wavelength multiplexer and de-multiplexer. The module is approximately one third the size of four individual SFP+s and a fraction of the cost, thus saving system integrators both space and expense. The optical engines for such transceivers, or complete transceivers are available as samples today, with volume production planned for August 2013.

The Kaiam MEMS-based hybrid integration technology allows for the fabrication of dense multi-function modules using generally available tested die. The critical optical alignment and attachment between the components is achieved through silicon micro-mechanics, the Kaiam patented integration engine technology.

Any combination of functions can be readily obtained with a wide menu of appropriate subcomponents. Kaiam currently supplies the optical engines for standard 10km QSFP+ modules to transceiver vendors and is qualified and shipping to tier-1 customers.

The higher performance obtained through this advanced packaging technology, together with higher sensitivity APDs in the receiver, allows Kaiam to extend the reach of its optical engines to 40km.

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