Tuesday, March 12, 2013

HGI Open Summit to preview latest smart home solutions

ITALY: An open forum presenting the latest smart-home developments and demonstrating the real-world practical applications of HGI’s significant work in this field is to be hosted at Telecom Italia Labs Auditorium in Torino, Italy on Tuesday, March 19.

The summit is being organised by HGI, which is the leading organisation for publishing requirements for digital home building blocks that are central to the development of a smart home ecosystem.

Demonstrations of home interconnect technologies, service provider and utilities solutions, and contributions to international activities, standards bodies and funded projects will be presented and discussed during the event. Included on the agenda will also be a representative from Swisscom with a talk entitled “Learnings in the Home Automation Market”.

“We will update attendees on the smart-home architecture being developed within the HGI, in cooperation with other standards development organisations and forums. Our member companies are developing the software platform requirements for a range of smart home services being deployed by the Broadband Service Providers and partners,” said Duncan Bees, CTO and CBO of HGI.

During the forum, HGI’s guests will have a unique opportunity to be shown the latest digital home solutions currently under development at Telecom Italia’s Innovation lab which is adjacent to the auditorium where the summit will be held.

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