Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TELUS turns to DigitalRoute for efficient mediation

CANADA: TELUS set out to replace its existing mediation platforms in order to reduce costs for processing usage data across the company’s multiple business support systems (BSS). DigitalRoute was selected after a thorough evaluation of the available mediation technologies on the market.

MediationZone is now in live operation at TELUS, providing an integration layer between the mobile core network and the BSS. The deployment is one of the first steps in a comprehensive replacement program. TELUS is now looking to further enhance cost performance by expanding the use of MediationZone to replace its other mediation systems over time.

“MediationZone has reduced our total cost of ownership for mediation, and it also
provides the ability to reduce the overall load on our business support systems,” said James Ritchie, VP of consumer development and support at TELUS. “With its implementation, we are able to efficiently meet our expanding mediation needs, the result of continuous growth in mobile data.”

“We are extremely pleased to work with TELUS and look forward to supporting the next steps in the mediation replacement program,” said Jan Karlsson, CEO at DigitalRoute. “DigitalRoute is established in the market for providing the most sophisticated and cost-efficient mediation technology. Our pure focus on mediation and our commitment to our customers has earned us the trust of the world’s leading service providers.”

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