Friday, March 16, 2012

Smartphones, tablets and cloud will drive US network infrastructure spending to $300 billion by 2015

TIA 2012, WASHINGTON, USA: The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) released its 2012 ICT Market Review & Forecast (MR&F). The MR&F provides the ICT industry’s most comprehensive, trusted data review, with forecasts through 2015.

Many findings from the report focus on the impact of the growth of smartphones and tablets, cloud-related services and video streaming. These devices and services are driving dramatic traffic surges and demanding increased network infrastructure investment.

TIA’s president, Grant Seiffert, said: “The rapid advance of smart phones, cloud services and video is placing an enormous demand on the network. These devices and services are essential for consumers and have become critical for businesses. Companies supporting both wired and wireless networks are expected to spend 41 percent more in the next four years than in the previous four years. And this technology generates jobs across American industries.”

Key facts include:
* Global Internet traffic will quadruple by 2015;
* In five years, mobile broadband traffic will be 35 times current levels;
* US spending on wireless and wired network infrastructure will grow to $296 billion by 2015;
* The Middle East/Africa region will have 10 percent growth in telecom spending through 2015, followed by Asia Pacific at 9.5 percent and Latin America at 7.5 percent; and
* Spending on US IT-based cloud computing will be the fastest-growing category.

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