Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Westell adds high-performance PoE+ switches to eSmartES line of managed Ethernet edge switches

AURORA, USA: Westell Technologies Inc., a leading provider of telecommunications equipment for wireline, wireless and home networks, released the ESP8100 series of managed Ethernet edge switches, adding to its eSmartES family of products.

This line of Ethernet switches has a best-in-class implementation of Power over Ethernet (PoE) and PoE+ which is fully managed on a per-port basis. These hardened PoE switches are rated for outdoor and industrial uses, with full management features for IT control and telemetry monitoring via Westell’s SiteVu Secure feature.

The ESP8100 series of Ethernet switches are ideal for the physical security market where its features will enhance IP video surveillance, access control and other emerging IP security solutions. The ESP8100 features six PoE ports that are each software-controlled, allowing the user to remotely control the power of individual ports. The user-friendly GUI interface also displays the power consumed by each PoE unit and calculates the total power used and total power available.

The SiteVu Secure feature allows key telemetry data to be monitored and combined with switch SNMP data for triggering alarms. “As surveillance and access control solutions continue to replace manned presence for security in both local and remote sites, the need to transmit situational awareness is increasing,” said Chris Shaver, senior VP and GM of Westell. “Westell’s new ESP8100 PoE switches are providing more than just a simple connection to the network. With SiteVu Secure, this switch is providing everything from temperature data to door contacts to alarm and sensor contact triggers. This is an extremely useful tool for surveillance cameras and other IP-connected physical security solutions.”

The ESP8100 platform’s industrial design features include an extended operating temperature range of -40 to +85°C (+75°C continuous; up to +85°C in extreme conditions), redundant -48Vdc power inputs for high availability applications requiring dual power inputs, external AC powering options, and a high level of immunity to electromagnetic interference and severe electrical surges. The ESP8100 also meets and exceeds recognized industry standards including IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613, and NEMA TS 2.

These features allow the ESP8100 switch to handle stressful workloads, making it ideally suited for industrial and heavy-duty outdoor settings such as power utility substations, video surveillance systems, and traffic control monitoring.

The ESP8100 series of managed Ethernet switches also has a compact form, measuring just 1.4”W x 5.6”D x 5.92”H. The ESP8100 is packaged in a rugged, galvanized steel enclosure that allows either backboard, DIN-rail, or wall mounting for efficient use of cabinet space. It can also be rack mounted in the optional rack-mount bracket.

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