Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anue Systems expands presence in Asia-Pacific market

Cisco Live, AUSTIN, USA: Anue Systems, a leader in network monitoring switches, announced that the company has expanded its presence in the Asia-Pacific marketplace. The company, headquartered in Austin, Texas, now has expanded operations in the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa and the Asia-Pacific regions, enabling Anue to address customer requirements around the globe.

Anue Systems will offer its award-winning Net Tool Optimizer (NTO) family of products to the region, along with its test and measurement product portfolio. The Anue NTO gives monitoring tools full visibility to the network.

The Anue NTO network monitoring switches:
* Increase visibility by solving the problem of TAP and SPAN shortages.
* Aggregate and filter network traffic to each monitoring tool in order to provide the highest quality analysis.
* Monitor virtual environments, de-duplicate packets and remove sensitive data packet payloads.
* Integrate with SIEM through automation capabilities, providing adaptive security monitoring that can change on-the-fly to respond to network anomalies.
* Make monitoring changes without Change Board approval since the production network connections are pre-wired and changes are made via Anue’s control panel.

The recently introduced 5288 NTO is the first high-density network monitoring switch to support 40G monitoring. The Anue 5288 NTO enables large enterprises to use their existing 1G and 10G network monitoring tools to monitor 40G traffic, reducing the cost of upgrading to 40G.

“We are excited to make our NTO solution available in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Rudy Millian, NTO product manager at Anue Systems. “With this expansion, we are better able to help enterprises in the region solve their network visibility and monitoring tool utilization problems.”

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