Thursday, March 29, 2012

RF Monolithics announces extension of manufacturing services contract with Tai-Saw Technology

DALLAS, USA: RF Monolithics Inc. announced the signing of a manufacturing contract with Tai-Saw Technology Co. Ltd. The contract extends the current agreement for assembly manufacturing at least through December 1, 2013 and continues RFM’s dependable source of supply for its Wireless Component segment products.

Farlin Halsey, president and CEO of RFM, stated: “We have developed a strong business alliance with TST and are pleased that it has now been extended. This contract is results from the long-standing business relationship that began with the transition of some product assembly to TST in 2001. TST also was our first partner to provide wafer fabrication services.

“We rely on TST to provide our Wireless Component segment products in a market that is very competitive based on quality, service and price. TST has performed very effectively and we believe this relationship with TST gives us technical capabilities, packaging technologies and added presence in the marketplace. TST has proven to be a valued business partner and we are very pleased to continue this relationship.”

TST’s operations, which include wafer fabrication, assembly, test, screening, and support operations, are located in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Yu-Tung Huang, chairman of TST, said: “We are also very pleased with the extension of this contract and the continuation of our alliance with RFM. We believe our engineering resources and capabilities complement RFM’s strong market presence. In addition to providing foundry and assembly services, our broad range of technical capabilities and turn-key products contribute to both TST’s and RFM’s growth plans.”

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