Friday, March 12, 2010

Twisted Pair connects cell phone users to radio networks with WAVE 5.0 featuring Mobile Communicator for BlackBerry

SEATTLE, USA: Twisted Pair Solutions, a pioneer of Radio-over-IP (RoIP) and the maker of WAVE® unified group communications software, today announced Mobile Communicator for Blackberry as part of WAVE 5.0, enabling users to “tune” their mobile device to a WAVE-supported radio channel.

The simple concept permits ordinary BlackBerry users to, for the first time, participate in a true push-to-talk experience for radio communications.

“As the capabilities of smartphone devices have advanced, our customers and partners have asked us to extend the WAVE software technology platform to better leverage the utility and cost advantages of these devices,” said Tom Guthrie, President and CEO for Twisted Pair.

“With WAVE 5.0, we’ve responded with a platform that allows users to securely extend the scope of their legacy radio systems with WAVE smartphone clients. This enables our partners to develop a wide variety of clients as enhancements to their WAVE-powered products and solutions.”

Mobile Communicator for BlackBerry uses WAVE Thin Client technology to create a revolutionary new architecture for radio communications across cellular and WiFi networks, and is in fact two applications in one.

It can be used to communicate on a WAVE channel in the same way as other WAVE endpoints – meaning similar to a two-way radio as part of a larger radio network. It can also be used to make secure, point-to-point calls between two devices across any network. This means any Mobile Communicator-enabled BlackBerry user, regardless if they’re clocked in or off a radio network grid, is still a secure and omnipresent connection point available to their broader radio communications network.

For the first time, BlackBerry owners can add value to radio conversations at unprecedented times – off-duty or offline, when critical communication matters to their bottom line.

Mobile Communicator for BlackBerry is a small application built on the WAVE Thin Client Platform. The platform combines the power and military-grade security and encryption of the award-winning WAVE engine with a breakthrough communications protocol.

This solution is the first of its kind to eliminate device, network and radio system type as a barrier to communicate with two–way radio systems. Additional smartphone applications are currently being designed and will be available for use on operating systems for iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android and others by Twisted Pair and their ecosystem of partners.

While mobile devices have increased significantly in their performance, they still lack the processing power of even the smallest PC. The Mobile Communicator for BlackBerry application is wirelessly connected to a WAVE engine securely hosted on a server on the customers’ IP network. This server could also be in one of the clouds from tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Amazon, by a specialized hosting service, or by a carrier.

By offloading audio processing of the WAVE Engine to a server, the application can be lightweight and still provide clear audio. Users can set their mobile phone to a WAVE radio channel and participate instantly in a true push-to-talk experience for radio communications.

“This is all about providing customers choice and flexibility,” said Guthrie. “WAVE is focused on extending access to and the life of private, isolated radio systems – in a manner that is secure and manageable. With the WAVE Thin Client Platform, even more options can be provided to users of critical, group communications. WAVE software frees organizations to make choices that fit their operations; it provides a green light to otherwise slow and heavy planning around fears of incompatibility.”

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