Thursday, March 11, 2010

Industry leaders gather in Cambridge to plan future of wireless!

CAMBRIDGE, UK: The Future of Wireless International Conference, a two day high-profile event to be held in Cambridge on June 29-30, 2010, brings together from around the world more than 300 key players, including business leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, investors and academics, to explore the key market, business and technology opportunities for wireless - and it’s potential impact on society - over the next five years.

The breadth of topics to be covered is impressive, including such matters as re-inventing business models and the value chain, bridging the digital divide, wireless delivery of healthcare, low-carbon smart homes, future wireless devices and the impact of cloud computing on life in the 21st Century.

As well as informative presentations, there will also be lively, thought-provoking panel discussions and plenty of opportunities for attendees to engage and participate. The Cambridge Wireless free online partnering service enables delegates to maximise business development and partnering opportunities by facilitating pre-arrangement of meetings with other delegates.

"The Future of Wireless conference brings together an industry that has already revolutionised the world through the availability of mass market voice and data communications. At this conference, we are examining the next wave of products and services that can be enabled and enhanced by wireless," said Peter Whale, Board Member of Cambridge Wireless and Director of Product Management for Qualcomm.

"The opportunities are extensive to connect people with each other in new ways, and to connect people with a vast range of personalised and relevant on-line and physical services."

Keynote speakers include high profile leading industry experts such as Robert Crow, VP of RIM, Houston Spencer, VP Business Strategy of Alcatel Lucent, James Collier, CTO of CSR; Martin Jackson, VP of Plastic Logic, Tudor Brown, President of ARM and many more!

“The Future of Wireless International Conference 2010 is an essential meeting point for the global wireless industry, packed with vital knowledge and powerful opinions from industry leaders.” said Chris Walklett, Business Tax Partner and Head of PEM Technology, the technology team at Peters Elworthy & Moore (PEM). "PEM are delighted to be a sponsor of such a forward thinking event."

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