Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Finisar announces leading-edge 100G modules for telecom networks

OFC/NFOEC 2012, SUNNYVALE, USA: Finisar Corp. announced two new 100G modules -- a 100G Coherent OIF Transponder and a 100G DWDM CFP with SpectraWave, an all-optical DWDM transport platform. Finisar's modules bring new cost economies and power efficiencies to telecom networks by leveraging critical vertical integration capabilities and established expertise in 100G technology. The new modules will be on display at OFC/NFOEC in Finisar's booth #1703 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, March 6-8, 2012.

Coherent technology enables a new architecture in optical modules by eliminating dispersion compensation in long haul networks, resulting in simpler network management for service providers. Although the first generation of 100G coherent systems were based on proprietary linecards specific to individual systems vendors, it is expected that the general availability of commercial DSP chips will enable an ecosystem where module vendors with internal optics capability can drive compelling solutions in cost, power and density.

The new Finisar 100G Coherent OIF Transponder offers an innovative integrated heat sink design with reduced power dissipation compared to currently available solutions. The module is optimized for telecom long haul transport applications and reduces system cost by integrating soft-decision FEC while enabling reaches of up to 2000 km over single-mode fiber without the need for dispersion compensation.

Finisar will demonstrate an industry-first 100G CFP module for Metro DWDM applications. The CFP module is full C-band tunable across four 28G channels and enables 2.5 times the spectral efficiency of tunable XFP modules, while providing a lower-cost alternative to systems based on coherent technology. The module uses optical duobinary (ODB) modulation for extended dispersion tolerance, supports CAUI and OTL4.10 interfaces, and supports low latency applications. This module is ideally suited for Datacenter-to-Datacenter or Metro Ethernet applications.

This demonstration will also showcase Finisar's SpectraWave, a new all-optical 1U DWDM transport platform that provides optical mux/demux, amplification, and dispersion compensation. Used together, SpectraWave and the DWDM CFP can provide end-to-end optical connectivity for Enterprise, Datacenter or Carrier applications over reaches of a few hundred kilometers.

For example, in this demonstration, the SpectraWave platform will optically mux and demux four wavelengths, amplify the signals, and compensate for dispersion over 150 km of single-mode fiber.

Key to Finisar's offerings is its extensive investment and unmatched expertise in optical technology. "Finisar has often demonstrated our ability to execute during the high growth phase of a new market. This capability has been demonstrated at 10G, 40G, and 100G client. We believe that we are well positioned to be a leading supplier in the 100G line-side market as well," said Eitan Gertel, CEO of Finisar. "This announcement demonstrates our vertically integrated optics capability and expertise in high-speed optics will be critical to enabling a range of products to support all customer requirements at 100G."

In addition to these new modules, Finisar will have on display equipment from its wide portfolio of optical products, including its latest optical transceivers, transponders, ROADMs, advanced optical components, and passive devices.

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