Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WGSN launches iPhone application for live fashion industry news

NEW YORK, USA: WGSN (www.wgsn.com), the world’s leading authority on current and future fashion trends, has launched its own iPhone application that will allow users to receive live fashion industry news 24/7.

This is the first mobile news application provided by a leading trend forecasting service and is an exciting new platform on which to receive a constant feed of industry insight and analysis.

“Fashion is an ever-changing industry and WGSN publishes news stories reflecting those changes constantly throughout the day,” says News Editor Nigel Taylor. “If you want to know about the frenzy caused by the latest designer collection at H&M, who’s taking over which label, how retailers are faring from Hong Kong to New York, the key looks from the catwalk shows or who’s just been named CEO at some of the world’s major fashion players, WGSN is talking about it. Getting it delivered direct to your iPhone means you can be even more in touch with the news that fashion insiders are talking about.”

“Everyone in the fashion industry travels, whether it’s a subway ride to the design studio every morning or an inspiration or sourcing trip to the other side of the world,” says Retail and Events Editor Gemma Hare. “Staying connected is crucial at such times and this application is all about making sure people get the information they need to know, quickly and easily.”

WGSN continues to be a pioneering force within the trend forecasting industry. Over a decade ago this leading service was launched as an online resource for designers, buyers and product developers – a huge innovation in the old world of printed trend books.

WGSN quickly established itself as the leading online service that would transform the way fashion industry professionals make strategic decisions, bringing real time reports from global industry experts directly to their desktops. The launch of the WGSN iPhone application continues to demonstrate our investment in technology and content advances.

The application is free to download from the WGSN homepage (www.wgsn.com) and is updated every couple of hours.

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