Monday, December 21, 2009

Spiralight enhances service reliability with Sorrento’s DWDM

DENVER, USA: Sorrento Networks announced that Spiralight Network LLC, an optical transport service provider based in the upper Midwest, has selected Sorrento’s GigaMux 6400 to enhance service reliability and high-speed transport services for its customers based in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Spiralight’s services include Lightwave, SONET, Ethernet, Fast/GIG E and basic TDM.

Sorrento’ GigaMux 6400 offers a significantly smaller capital outlay and fewer management requirements than other optical networking products, enabling Spiralight to deliver what customers need now for increased revenue, accelerated service delivery and reduced transport costs.

The GigaMux 6400 will also support Spiralight’s network expansion plans to additional states by extending its existing dense wavelength division multiplexing- (DWDM) based fiber optic infrastructure.

“Our focus is to ensure our customers experience up-time all the time, no matter what the circumstance. Sorrento’s GigaMux 6400 reinforces our ability to offer full redundancy across our entire network,” said Jake Brown, CTO of Spiralight.

“In addition, as our network continues to support more and more end-users and our points of presence increase, the GigaMux 6400 will support this growth while also enabling us to offer more high-speed services. It’s a perfect complement for our growing DWDM-based network.”

Sorrento’s metro optical product offering is ideally suited for metro, metro core and regional WDM applications. Sorrento’s GigaMux portfolio simplifies the establishment of new networks and enables customers to seamlessly add capacity to existing WDM infrastructure without interrupting traffic signals.

“Spiralight is in a great position. The company continues to gain traction in the Midwestern region, which requires them to consider longer-term expansion plans now,” said Jim Nevelle, CEO of Sorrento Networks. “The GigaMux 6400 meets their network requirements today and offers the flexibility to support their future growth. It’s the ideal solution for growing service providers that want to gain the benefits of DWDM technology.”

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