Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nortel Enterprise Users Group poised for transition to Avaya

CHICAGO, USA: The International Nortel Networks Users Association (INNUA) confirmed its support and readiness for the integration of Nortel and Avaya, which marks the first full day that Nortel products and services operate within Avaya.

“We have engaged with Avaya to ensure that the needs of Nortel customers are met,” said Brad Tompkins, INNUA President. “We are encouraged by what we have seen and heard so far regarding Avaya’s plan to integrate Nortel systems within the Avaya family of products and introduce Nortel users to Avaya’s product base. After this period of uncertainty over the past several months, we are ready and eager to build a strong relationship with Avaya.”

Avaya is currently moving forward with the development of a strategy and roadmap for Nortel products, which will be released within the next 30 days. The company has brought over several key Nortel executives, who have intimate knowledge of Nortel products and customer needs.

“The onboarding of so many high-level Nortel executives to Avaya is very reassuring,” said Victor Bohnert, INNUA Executive Director. “These individuals will bring much to Avaya’s leadership, and will play an important role in building a product roadmap that makes this transition as easy as possible for Nortel customers.”

Additional insight into Avaya’s Nortel product strategy will be a major focus of INNUA’s 2010 Global Connect annual conference, taking place April 18-22, 2010, in Denver, Colorado.

INNUA is also working closely with the International Association of Avaya Users (InAAU) and INSIGHT 100, the group representing users of Nortel’s SL-100/CS2100 product line, on the co-location of Global Connect with InAAU’s conference to meet the needs of all Nortel and Avaya product users in one city at one time. It is expected that the combined event will bring upwards of 4,000 Nortel and Avaya users, vendors, and Avaya executives to Denver.

“It will be very exciting to have such a significant segment of the enterprise communications market together in one place,” said Cindy Phillips, INSIGHT 100 President. “With new networking opportunities, great education, and news regarding Avaya’s product transition plans, this will be one of the most important events in years for both Nortel and Avaya customers.”

Proposals for workshop presentations are currently being accepted for Global Connect 2010.

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