Wednesday, December 23, 2009

IndiaLD celebrates anniversary with Call India Cheap program

BEVERLY HILLS, USA: To celebrate the first anniversary of its web site, IndiaLD has launched a special calling card program that offers customers 5,000 minutes to call India for $35.

IndiaLD is about quality of life—yours and ours. The company knows what it's like to be far from your families—to not see them like you used to.

“We know all about the challenges of doing business in foreign lands, where a phone call is the best face to face you can get,” says Chris Furlong of IndiaLD. “Our philosophy is simple. We partner with the best, drive a hard bargain, and put the savings back into our product. You won’t see us wasting money on celebrity endorsers. You won’t find us trying to fool you with crazy pricing ideas. We don’t need to. Our service sells itself.”

The special rate is 0.007 per minute to call all of India. Calls can be made via landline or mobile. This “call India cheap” program includes a 45-day window to use the minutes with no administrative fees or extra charges (excluding tax).

The card will include all of the company’s usual calling features such as pinless dial, easy dial, free SMS to India, and more. Pinless dial is limited to two phones. The special offer is available to US customers only and is available for a limited time only.

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