Saturday, December 19, 2009

Satellite operators welcome new EU regulatory framework

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: Members of the European Satellite Operators’ Association (ESOA) today unanimously welcomed the publication of the European Telecoms Reform Package, which marks a clear recognition of the satellite sector’s role in contributing to the EU’s upcoming Digital Agenda.

“We operate global networks that transcend national and regional boundaries to deliver vital yet delicate communications signals from outer space to people everywhere,” said Romain Bausch, Chairman of ESOA.

“The references in the reformed package to the international framework set by the ITU (the international body that allocates orbital slots to satellite operators along with a set of associated frequencies they have the right to use) and the exemptions to technology neutrality are both vital to ensure that those services are protected against interference, and that users can continue to enjoy a decent quality of service. These aspects are crucial to the long-term business of the sector.”

“We have come a long way since the first proposals were made in November 2007 and this is thanks to the openness of the Commission and Parliamentarians to engage in a constructive dialogue with our sector,” said Aarti Holla, Secretary General of ESOA.

“The remaining challenge is now to make sure that member states adopt an implementation in line with the objectives of the EU directives, and do not go for a too 'liberal interpretation' of the directives.”

ESOA will be closely following the establishment of the European Body of Telecoms’ Regulators “BEREC” foreseen for Spring 2010, and the national implementation of the package in the 27 EU member states to happen by May 2011.

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