Friday, December 18, 2009

Motorola shipping APX multi-band mobile radios, expanding APX portable radio portfolio

SCHAUMBURG, USA: Motorola Inc. announced that it is shipping APX 7500 multi-band mobile radios, enabling instant multi-agency interoperability for mission critical first responders. Motorola is also expanding its APX portable radio portfolio with the availability of the UHF Range 1 frequency band, new rugged colored housings and a display remote speaker microphone.

The industry's first Project 25 (P25) multi-band subscriber family and only complete family of multi-band radios, APX communicates with current and future P25 networks (FDMA and TDMA) and supports both trunking and conventional operation and integrated GPS. With shipment this month of the APX 7500 mobile radio, Motorola is the first to deliver multi-band mobile radios for public safety users.

"The Motorola APX 7500 mobile radio provides true interoperability on demand and exceptional audio quality in one device to aid the essential multi-agency communication for mission critical operations," said Bob Schassler, Motorola senior vice president, Worldwide Radio Solutions.

"This multi-band mobile radio does the work of two radios and reduces the amount of equipment in a vehicle, streamlining the expense of maintaining, installing and operating multiple radios. With the shipping of the APX 7500 mobile radio, Motorola continues to lead the way with the only complete family of multiband radios and will continue to innovate with future band releases for both portable and mobile APX radios, secure Bluetooth capabilities and additional APX product and accessory offerings."

APX meets and exceeds public safety specifications for mission critical communications by improving officer coordination, response time and safety via access to real-time information for enhanced decision making.

Designed specifically for first responders by applying the science of High Velocity Human Factors (HVHF), the APX mobile radio provides optimal functionality and is designed to fit into a vehicle's existing install space for ease of use, installation and removal.

The APX 7500 mobile radio is available in two models, the APX 7500 High Power (25 to 110 watts) and the APX 7500 Mid Power (10 to 35 watts). The new high power mobile triunion design provides secure engagement, ease of installation and a new handle design that allows the radio to be removed without having to disconnect the cables. The mid power mobile fits in the existing Motorola XTL mobile radio footprint, allowing reuse of the mounting holes and cables.

The APX 7500 mobile radio has the same features found on the APX 7000 portable radio, eliminating the need for retraining and allowing first responders to communicate seamlessly between multi-band portable and mobile radios.

Common features include multi-band operation, seamless scan, integrated GPS, advanced encryption, intelligent lighting, customized radio profiles, text messaging, unified call lists, POP 25, voice announcement and a rugged design (meets IP55 specifications). Control heads for the APX 7500 include the O3, O5 and the new O9 Integrated Control Head which will be available in the second half of 2010.

The backwards and forwards compatible mobile radio works on all P25 radio systems like ASTRO 25 plus SMARTNET(TM) and SmartZone(TM) analog systems and will continue to work as networks migrate to new P25 Phase 2 technology (TDMA).

Motorola continues to expand its APX multi-band radio portfolio with new features and accessories for the APX 7000 portable radio. The addition of the UHF Range 1 frequency band expands the two-way interoperability of the radio. The APX 7000 can now also be customized with rugged colored housings, including public safety yellow, impact green or traditional black, helping agencies differentiate between response teams.

Motorola has expanded its APX 7000 accessory portfolio with the introduction of the first display remote speaker microphone (RSM). The IMPRES(TM)-enabled RSM includes a display that mirrors the top display on the radio to conveniently show zone and channel information at a glance to users wearing the APX 7000 under coats.

The RSM meets Ruggedized PLUS specifications for submersibility (MIL-STD-810E Method 412.3 Immersion) and includes Motorola's first rugged, submersible audio jack. Additional new accessories introduced include an IMPRES vehicular charger and flip down carry case that allows access to the radio display and keypad without having to remove the radio from its case.

"It is important to design for the end-user when developing technology for first responders," said Schassler. "A true testament to Motorola's commitment to P25, APX is an ideal technology for agencies looking to make long-term investments."

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