Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Globaltel Media bringing concept of converged SMS to CES 2010

SAN DIEGO, USA: Globaltel Media Inc., an SMS technology firm based in San Diego, Calif., is using CES 2010 to challenge the notion that common SMS messages are just about text.

The GTM booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center, upper South Hall 4, will be touting the concept of "converged SMS," or as company CEO and President Robert Sanchez explains, the meeting of rich media with simple SMS text messaging technology.

GTM's converged SMS solutions aim at closing the gap between everyday wireless cellular devices and web-based rich media and text without the need for special hardware or software, registration, downloads or smart devices. GTM products Alirti and Cherple, both to be showcased at CES, are prime examples of converged SMS solutions.

Alirti technology enables the delivery of any rich electronic content such as images, music clips, video, data and executable files from the Web to mobile devices with little more than a click of a mouse.

As the rich content is sent via a patent-pending protocol within the body of a text message, Alirti is the ultimate solution for sending any media without the need for data plans, the Internet or high-cost carrier premiums for multimedia.

Cherple is GTM's other Web-to-mobile solution challenging the notion of how we view text messaging. This two-way text communication application is a free Internet-based widget that works like instant messenger (except using standard SMS) and is available for use from the Web site at www.cherple.com or as a download.

It works to any US mobile cell phone from any Internet-connected computer in the world to provide instant, two-way communication without the need for a cell phone data plan or downloads of any cell phone software. Unlike other Web-to-mobile SMS applications, there is no cost for the PC user, no registration required and works across all US carriers.

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