Wednesday, December 16, 2009

IPv6 Forum India announces India IPv6 Summit 2009

NEW DELHI, INDIA: The IPv6 Forum India recently held the India IPv6 Summit- 2009 in collaboration with Telecom Engineering Center & Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications & IT.

The two-day Summit was held on December 15th and 16th 2009 at The Park Hotel, New Delhi. It was held under the leadership of honorable Union Minister for Ministry of Communication and IT and saw participation of members of Telecom Commission, senior members of DoT.

It brought together all stakeholders like government, regulators, service providers, system integrators, application & system vendors and academia to discuss the state of IPv6 deployment in India and coalesce ideas into concrete national strategy.

"We are at the cusp of opportunity for IPv6 deployment with the impending IPv4 address space exhaustion in 2012 along with an explosion of broadband and wireless internet usage in India. IPv6 Forum India is very excited at the strong level of engagement from the government in catalysing this crucial transition." - Jayachandra K, President, IPv6 Forum India.

This year, the India IPv6 Summit will focus on core IPv6 deployment topics covering IPv6 readiness, IPv6-IPv4 coexistence, IPv6 transition planning ready reckoners and IPv6 based Greenfield applications. There are a few developments in Indian service provider market and environment that are related to network scalability, reliability, new applications and services - notably the rise of DTH as a credible alternative to conventional cable networks, followed by IPTV launches by main providers BSNL and MTNL.

DSL penetration has also scaled to a level where mere bandwidth is no longer a differentiation and the search is ON for other differentiators. The context of IP addresses has also changed now, with the RIR's making public the issues of IP address shortage and possible exhaustion by 2012. All this calls for a comprehensive review of the state of the Internet in India (in general) and its connotations for IPv6 readiness and deployment.

Briefly, the agenda of the Summit was as follows -
- Review of the state of the internet in India
- Review of the state of IPv6 readiness in India
- IPv6 deployment roadmaps of major service providers
- IPv6 awareness and deployment readiness with Enterprises
- Technologies for Greenfield applications (Sensor networks, telemetry, Cable etc.)
- Lessons and learning from Worldwide

"The IPv6 Forum India has reached a major milestone by winning government as key ally to co-promote the adoption of the New Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) to give the Indian Industry, Government and the civil society at large the major opportunity to be a key player in the new Internet and become a leader in outsourcing the worldwide transition deployment to any country in the world in need of expertise and support in this pharaonic task." - Latif Ladid, President, IPv6 Forum.

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