Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Red Bend Software enables China Mobile to manage Android phones

BEIJING, CHINA: Red Bend Software, the market leader in Mobile Software Management (MSM), announced that China Mobile Communications Corp.'s research and development branch, China Mobile Research Institute, has chosen Red Bend to provide software for firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updating and device management (DM) for mobile phones that use the Android-based OPhone OS (Open Mobile Phone Operating System).

China Mobile Communications Corp. is the world's largest wireless network operator with more than 500 million subscribers.

Under the agreement, China Mobile has adopted Red Bend's industry-leading vRapid Mobile FOTA software and vDirect Mobile DM software for performing remote management and software updates on OPhone smartphones.

The OPhone OS is based on the Google Android platform and is customized with China Mobile's applications and services, enabling the operator to bring a new wave of innovative handsets and Internet applications to the Chinese market.

Multiple OPhone OS handsets with Red Bend's software have already launched in China this year from leading manufacturers, including HTC, Philips, Lenovo Mobile and Dell. Red Bend's vRapid Mobile enables China Mobile to improve the mobile user experience by delivering software enhancements and new features over the air. Red Bend's vDirect Mobile provides China Mobile with standards-based management of OPhone devices in order to provision new subscribers and configure applications and network settings.

"Being selected by China Mobile to be an integral part of their Android strategy validates the technical superiority of Red Bend's software and shows our commitment to meeting customers' demanding requirements," said Danny Wang, Country Manager of Greater China for Red Bend Software.

"The OPhone OS holds tremendous potential not only in China but around the world. We intend to leverage our relationship with China Mobile and our integration with OPhone to become the preferred solution for standards-based device management and software updating for Android phones worldwide."

Red Bend's award-winning MSM solutions have shipped in 620 million devices worldwide. vRapid Mobile is the most widely deployed FOTA software with 64 percent market share, according to Ovum.

Advanced features include fail-safe updates that ensure 100 percent completion even during a power loss, and background updates that allow consumers to use the full functionality of the phone during the update process.

vDirect Mobile, the leading independent DM client licensed by more than 30 manufacturers, offers an innovative framework that makes it easier and more cost effective for manufacturers to quickly integrate standards-based device management into mobile devices, improving time to market.

Red Bend's software solutions can be integrated with any mobile platform and are interoperable with servers supporting Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA DM) standards.

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