Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Xelerated enables carrier Ethernet vendors to offer flexible mobile backhaul with programmability and synchronization

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: Xelerated, the global leader in Carrier Ethernet and Unified Fiber Access network processing chipsets, now enables Carrier Ethernet vendors to offer mobile backhaul with the industry’s most flexible Precision Time Solution.

Inherently supported in the company’s latest network processors and programmable Ethernet switches, these features enable system vendors to build a unified portfolio for fiber access and mobile backhaul, defining a smooth route for mobile operators from 2G/3G to Long Term Evolution (LTE) and Packet Transport Networks (PTN).

To preserve synchronization services when migrating to packet-based mobile backhaul, Xelerated’s Precision Time Solution provides hardware and software support for both Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588 v1 and v2/2008) and Synchronous Ethernet (ITU G.8262).

For maximum flexibility, the solution supports any type of synchronization service on any port. Special attention has been put to highly accurate time stamping, time and frequency monitoring, as well as optimized performance supporting one-step operations for Precision Time Protocol.

“Mobile operators and backhaul providers are looking for Carrier Ethernet equipment that supports G.8262 Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588 PTP in silicon, so that these synchronization methods can be used for reliable and transparent services across the mobile industry,” stated Michael Howard, co-founder and principal analyst at Infonetics Research.

“By designing Carrier Ethernet products with a programmable chip and precision time solution, manufacturers can offer products to address not only the mobile segment, but also the broader packet transport network market.”

The programmable design inherent in Xelerated’s chipsets allow mobile backhaul providers to evolve their services as the LTE technology framework is updated with new standards for quality of service, synchronization and service interworking. In addition, programmability enables system vendors to offer a common portfolio meeting the stringent PTN requirements as outlined by China Mobile while paving the way for LTE.

“Next-generation mobile backhaul must leverage a unified fiber access design to meet the price points and dense service requirements in LTE. A unified approach with superior synchronous options can make this solution happen now,” said Thomas Eklund, vice president of marketing and business development for Xelerated.

“We have put extensive resources into our new Precision Time Solution, which enables service providers to securely migrate to Carrier Ethernet and stop investing in costly legacy equipment with limited lifetimes.”

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