Friday, November 6, 2009

Exaktime unveils PocketClock/GPS for BlackBerry

LOS ANGELES, USA: Exaktime has introduced PocketClock/GPS for BlackBerry, software that transforms a BlackBerry smartphone into a portable GPS time clock and management tool for supervisors in the field.

Part of The JobClock System, a time & attendance solution designed specifically for harsh or outdoor work environments, PocketClock/GPS lets mobile employees or crews clock in and out at dozens of locations each week. Thousands of companies and over 600,000 workers in construction, maintenance, transportation, energy and health care already use JobClocks and PocketClocks for time tracking at remote locations.

"Having mobile employees use handwritten timecards costs companies a fortune," said Exaktime CEO Tony Pappas. "With this new BlackBerry version of PocketClock/GPS, our customers can give their mobile teams and their managers a great automated timekeeping tool using the smartphone they already own."

Using PocketClock/GPS, workers easily clock in or out and record what type of work they are doing. Each time punch includes a GPS fix so the office knows the location of every clock in/out and can quickly view the travel times between locations.

Managers can also set a virtual perimeter, or ‘geofence,’ around each jobsite to highlight employees clocking in/out when they are not actually at the work site. The system displays a map, pinpointing jobsites and overlaying attendance data onto the map.

The software offers many other powerful tools for foremen and supervisors. For example, a supervisor can clock in an entire crew in one action, saving time and increasing accuracy.

PocketClock/GPS for BlackBerry adds a completely new set of multimedia supervisor tools. A supervisor can use the BlackBerry’s camera to take photos at the work site and can also record audio field notes. Photos and voice recordings can be combined with written field notes typed into the BlackBerry and tagged either for the work site, an employee or for a work activity.

Time records and field notes are securely sent to the office computer from nearly any location using the BlackBerry’s Internet connection and Exaktime’s JobClock.NET service. After the information is transferred to the company's office computer, Exaktime TimeSummit software lets managers analyze and export work hours into the company’s accounting or payroll system as well as review field notes.

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