Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hexaware solution to enable airline passengers to download bar coded boarding passes on mobile phones

MUMBAI, INDIA: Hexaware Technologies, a leading global provider of IT & BPO services and consulting, announced the launch of the QwikCheck Bar Coded Boarding Passes (BCBP) solution.

The solution will help generate two dimensional (2D) Bar-coded boarding passes. This ready to use solution can be easily integrated with any existing Departure Control System (DCS) system used by an airline, to enhance the web and mobile check-in facilities offered to passengers.

BCBP is one of the initiatives mandated by International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Board of Governors under the Simplifying the Business (StB) program to reduce costs and enhance passenger experience. A 2D bar code replaces the magnetic strips as defined in the Automated Ticket and Boarding Pass Version 2 (ATB2) standard. All IATA member airlines have to be 100% BCBP compliant by the end of 2010.

Hexaware’s QwikCheck solution is based on this initiative to help simplify and reduce the costs of airline operations. While the solution will provide the benefit of reduced check-in and equipment costs for the airlines, it will help airports manage space better and lower their maintenance costs. In addition, passengers could spend less time at the airports and use a single boarding pass for their entire journey.

Hexaware’s QwikCheck solution is built upon layered SOA for seamless integration with the existing DCS system. It also supports all modes of check-in processes including Web Check-in, Kiosk Check-in and Mobile Check-in.

It gives passengers the option to print their boarding passes at home, and then proceed to the baggage drop-off or directly to the gate using one document for the entire journey, even on a multi-segment itinerary, further simplifying the travel process for the passenger.

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