Wednesday, November 25, 2009

STM announces breakthrough SuperPico package for small GSM operators

IRVINE, USA: STM Group has announced a cost-performance breakthrough for GSM operators with its new IP-Based SuperPico Solution Package.

For a fraction of what it would cost to launch a circuit switched system, operators can deploy a complete, IP-based GSM network infrastructure, including the Mobile Switching Center (MSC), Media Gateway, Pre-Paid Billing System, and Network Management System (NMS).

For new or existing operators interested in deploying an IP-based solution, STM is offering a “starter-package” which serves up to 10,000 prepaid subscribers, and can be upgraded smoothly to serve more than 4 Million subscribers across hundreds of BTS sites.

This package is targeted to new or small GSM operators serving specialty markets, as well as larger operators looking to free themselves from the high recurring costs of their traditional GSM infrastructure as they expand or replace older sites. Annual supplier maintenance fees on these older infrastructures exceed the purchase price of the SuperPico solution; therefore investment payback occurs very rapidly.

“We expect strong interest in this package for network expansion in developing countries,” said Richard Forberg, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development for STM Group.

“Many operators serving markets characterized by low ARPU are unsure how to reduce their CAPEX and OPEX per new subscriber relative to the rapidly falling ARPU in low income areas. Rather than expanding in the traditional way, it is much better to serve these areas with a new IP-based picocell system.”

The ability to operate the SuperPico basestations completely on inexpensive solar power systems is another important advantage in markets deprived of power infrastructure. For these markets, STM also offers a complete private satellite backhaul network as an option.

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