Friday, February 24, 2012

LSI expands networking ecosystem to accelerate implementation of 4G networks

MILPITAS, USA: LSI Corp. announced enhanced ecosystem support for its Axxia platform that accelerates time to market and lowers software investment for mobile equipment manufacturers. LSI and its growing base of ecosystem partners provide hardware and software solutions for 4G wireless base stations designed to help networking manufacturers and service providers contend with massive mobile broadband data usage growth.

LSI is working with the lead partner in the Axxia mobile ecosystem, Radisys, to integrate and optimize its Trillium 3G and 4G wireless protocol software for the LSI Axxia platform.

This expansion of the LSI networking ecosystem will:
* Allow wireless manufacturers to more quickly bring solutions to market while minimizing product development costs.
* Provide a consistent software framework that allows seamless migration across the Axxia family, allowing solutions to scale from small cells to super macro base stations.
* Embed intelligence in base stations and wireless infrastructure to identify traffic and deliver the right data at the right time.

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