Monday, February 27, 2012

AIRCOM announces launch of ASSET 8.0 and CONNECT 8.0

Mobile World Congress, BARCELONA, SPAIN: AIRCOM International, the leading independent network planning and optimisation solutions provider, has announced the availability of two significant upgrades to its leading planning products, ASSET and CONNECT. ASSET 8.0 and CONNECT 8.0 upgrades deliver important functionality advancements on existing versions and strengthen the integration to its I-VIEW framework.

The two new releases will deliver competitive differentiation to new and existing AIRCOM operator customers by addressing technology evolution, automation tasks and usability market requirements.

ASSET 8.0 places great emphasis on better usability, better performance and adds new planning capabilities. The new release is significantly more visual and collaborative, introducing Web Maps to the existing ASSET map view and continuing with enhanced Google Earth exporting capabilities. Analysis zones and areas for location-based services have also been integrated to better inform network planning decisions.

CONNECT 8.0 is focussed on addressing technology evolution and enhancing existing integration with ASSET and I-VIEW DIMENSION. It shares the same visual capabilities as ASSET 8.0, also enabling the ability to use Web Maps and exporting data to Google Earth. CONNECT 8.0 contains a powerful new productivity pack for Automatic Frequency and Capacity Planning in backhaul networks and adds LTE support for its market-leading Carried Traffic Analysis feature.

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