Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Software development outsourcer uses WSO2 ESB and WSO2 BAM to deliver mobile transportation APIs

PALO ALTO, USA: WSO2 announced that Godel Technologies (GodelTech) has implemented an API platform for the transportation services agency of a major euro zone city using two products from the WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware platform. W2O2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB) serves as the service-oriented architecture (SOA) backbone for delivering mobile trip planning APIs. WSO2 Business Activity Monitor (WSO2 BAM) provides visibility into system performance and mobile services traffic.

A new GodelTech case study from WSO2 describes how the company has used WSO2 ESB to integrate 26 different applications and services and create a flexible SOA, which has enabled new services to be developed in as little as two weeks. The case study also examines the middleware selection process and use of WSO2 BAM to provide statistics for managing system capacity and billing users for premium SMS services.

“We’ve been very pleased with the results we have been able to achieve using WSO2 ESB and WSO2 BAM for the transportation mobile services project,” said Simon Bilton, GodelTech head of professional services. “We look forward to working with these and other WSO2 Carbon middleware products in our future SOA projects.”

“As a proven provider of outsourced software development, GodelTech understands the value of a fully open source, open standards-based enterprise middleware platform for creating a next-generation API platform based upon an agile SOA,” said Paul Fremantle, WSO2 co-founder and CTO. “We are thrilled by GodelTech’s innovation in using our WSO2 ESB and WSO2 BAM to enable state-of-the-art mobile services for commuters and a flexible SOA that the transportation agency can grow and adapt as needed.”

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