Monday, January 23, 2012

Oclaro samples 20G VCSEL

SAN JOSE, USA: Oclaro Inc., a tier-one provider and innovator of optical communications and laser solutions, is sampling a 20G VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser).

Having shipped well over 100 million VCSELs, including more than 500 thousand 10G VCSELs in the last year alone, Oclaro is currently the world's largest supplier of VCSELs and its products have been designed into high-volume consumer electronics products such as notebook computers, optical cables, optical mice and smart phones.

By continuing to offer new VCSEL solutions that deliver higher data rates, Oclaro can enable customers to develop faster performing products at better price/performance points. Oclaro will be showcasing its leading family of VCSELs at this week's Photonics West Show in the Oclaro booth #1101.

VCSELs are semiconductor laser diodes that take advantage of optical technology to connect electronic devices such as peripherals, workstations, displays, disk drives and docking stations. For example, a VCSEL in a notebook computer allows data transfer with another computer or enables the user to transfer video content such as movies from their computer onto a high-definition (HD) television.

Because VCSELs are extremely reliable and can meet the stringent requirements of consumer devices, they are rapidly becoming adopted in all areas of consumer electronics. Oclaro has secured the volume leadership position in this market by leveraging its proven expertise in optical laser technology and reliability and its ability to quickly achieve the high-volume production capacities needed for consumer products.

"Just as we are continually addressing the increased bandwidth requirements of the core optical network, we are also committed to meeting the demands of the consumer industry by enabling customers to increase the data transfer rates between various devices such as computers, disk drives or HD TVs," said Karlheinz Gulden, senior director, Product Management at Oclaro. "With the introduction of reliable 20G VCSELs, Oclaro is helping its customers to double the bandwidth over existing solutions and be first to market with higher performing next generation consumer devices."

The new 20G VCSELs are available for sampling to customers today and are also ideally suited to address the growing 16G Fiberchannel transceiver market, which is starting to ramp this year.

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