Thursday, February 23, 2012

DesignArt Networks announces quad-carrier mobile backhaul

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL: DesignArt Networks announced the availability of its Unified Mobile Backhaul (UMB) software pack for quad-carrier, wide-channel mobile backhaul operating on the DAN3200 SoC platform. The company released the software, together with the UMB evaluation kit.

With this latest software release, DesignArt Networks’ comprehensive UMB solution now supports multiple microwave and wide-channel millimeter wave carriers in a software-centric, single-SoC design architecture that consumes just a few Watts. Maximum
single-chip UMB capacity reaches 2 Gbps per DAN3200 SoC.

“Mobile operators need future-proof alternatives, where fiber lacks the flexibility to add required data capacity to current backhaul infrastructure, and for the timely and cost-effective addition of new cell sites,” said Monica Paolini, Senza Fili Consulting. “Wireless backhaul equipment needs to provide better spectral efficiency and use multiple and wider carriers in various available spectrum bands to support not only the currently exploding mobile data ramp-up, but also long-term service capacity demands.”

Key features listed below for DesignArt’s new UMB software capabilities are per single DAN3200 SoC:

Most cost-efficient high-capacity backhaul topology options:
* Concurrent operation of multiple links – across any spectrum from 6 GHz to 92 GHz.
* Lowest per-hop delay – single-SoC support for multi-hop, multi-carrier relay equipment.
* Single-box designs for reliable multi-hop ring, multi-hub star and mesh topologies.

Highest link and SoC capacity on the market – up to 2 Gbps full-duplex:
* Microwave Backhaul – up to four 56 MHz or two 112 MHz Microwave Carriers.
* Millimeter Wave Backhaul [E-band] – multiple wide-channel 125-500 MHz Carriers.
* Concurrent operation of multiple carriers across any spectrum – from 6 GHz to 92 GHz.

Highest spectral efficiency – in any spectrum
* Multi-carrier DPD and CFR for reduced PAPR and more robust links with higher capacity.
* Multiple carriers with up to 1024QAM each.
* XPIC support for multiple carriers.

“DesignArt Networks has released a multi-carrier, wide-channel mobile backhaul solution as a software pack for DAN3200 SoCs, leveraging the unmatched performance and low power consumption of our software-centric DAN3000 SoC platform,” said Assaf Touboul, CTO of DesignArt Networks. “Available in source code, this solution enables vendors to deliver high-capacity products with a very short time-to-market cycle, while maintaining the ability for custom differentiation on any desired processing layer.”

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