Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) launches 4G LTE TOPSIM

LONDON, UK: Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), a pioneer and global leader in customised learning solutions, launched “4G LTE TOPSIM” – an online multi-player simulation training programme in the UK to help develop leadership and decision-making skills specifically within mobile telecommunications companies.

A world-first, the innovative training solution addresses the critical topics that executives need to consider - such as the “where, when and how” decisions - when rolling out 4G LTE mobile telecoms networks.

TIS instructional design experts developed the multi-player simulation training to explore factors such as: market suitability and readiness for 4G, optimal time to market, infrastructure and investment requirements, developing sales, marketing and pricing strategies to win customers, and projecting time to profitability.

While the simulation is run online, TIS recommends that multi-disciplinary teams of four or five executives (from sales, finance, operations and marketing) play against other teams in the same physical (classroom) environment at the same time, so they compete to make the best decisions.

The training is facilitated by TIS and a 4G subject matter expert from within the company or an agreed external industry consultant. The simulation itself is divided into seven or eight modules of decision-making, with new factors coming into play in each cycle. At the end of each module, the team’s decisions are sent through to the TIS facilitator’s PC, where reports and charts are produced on the outcomes of the team’s decisions. This enables the facilitators to provide real-time analysis and feedback, in order to help the participants build confidence in potential outcomes to make better strategic decisions when 4G goes live in the UK.

Gajanan (Gaj) Kasbekar, senior VP Global, Telecom-Media-Technology Vertical, TIS commented: “Managing the transition to 4G networks is one of the biggest challenges facing leaders of mobile telecom companies, both nationally and internationally. We identified the key decisions that executives need to make to facilitate complex 4G roll-outs.

“These decisions could generate or cost billions of dollars for organisations in this sector, so we designed 4G LTE TOPSIM to help executives learn how to make those critical decisions in a safe, simulated environment. The training has been completed by nearly 200 directors across nine markets within one of the world’s largest mobile telecom providers and is now being made available to other mobile telecoms businesses. The recent news that the auction of 4G networks in the UK has been delayed until late 2012 cast a cloud over the domestic telecoms sector. The only consolation is that the speed of the eventual roll out should be greatly accelerated if lessons are learned from the experiences in other 4G markets.

“We are confident that Tata Interactive System’s 4G LTE TOPSIM will appeal in a market like the UK, where mobile penetration and a desire to adopt the latest technology industry standard is particularly high.”

Will Chadwick, VP of Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) explains: “According to recent reports, nearly half of UK internet users are accessing the internet via mobile devices - and the key benefit of 4G is that it will bring faster mobile internet provision. So, while the current economic crisis means mobile network providers are being circumspect about the rollout of 4G networks, they need to ensure they are making the right decisions at the right time in order to maintain or gain market position in the longer term.

“If it will take a telecom company 12-18 months to rollout 4G but the market and competition is ready sooner, there are likely to be serious competitive and financial implications. This training does not make decisions for executives, but it does help them learn how to make better and more profitable decisions regarding the rollout of 4G networks. This unique and proven proposition is yet another example of TIS’ expertise in developing training solutions that help make people – and businesses - more effective.”

To date, TIS has engaged with over 25 Telecom companies globally in these past few years in a variety of consulting and training development capacities.

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