Wednesday, September 21, 2011

VendScreen unveils wireless smart device with touch-screen interface for new and existing vending machines

PORTLAND, USA: VendScreen Inc. unveiled VendScreen, an Android-based smart device, which displays user-specific promotions and advertising, real-time product updates, cashless payment options and refunds, and nutrition information in compliance with new federal nutrition information disclosure requirements.

VendScreen retrofits to existing vending machines, providing vending machine operators with real-time analytical data and DEX data uploads for third-party dynamic route scheduling and pre-kitting. This device, coupled with robust, cloud-based service, brings retail-type promotions to vending machines for the first time, building value for users, operators and advertisers simultaneously.

VendScreen uses an intuitive interface mimicking smart phone, touch-screen technology, and features "Jen," a helpful on-screen avatar, which assists customers through every step of the purchasing process. Jen assists product selection to satisfy specific dietary needs, providing nutrition fact information prior to purchase, and offering special promotions and advertisements geared toward the individual customer. This unique interface allows customers to make cashless payments through credit, loyalty and online accounts, and allows for instant problem reporting.

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