Monday, September 12, 2011

MicroVision demos future of mobile 3D displays

REDMOND, USA: MicroVision Inc., the leader in innovative ultra-miniature laser display technology, is demonstrating an early version of its 3D PicoP prototype during the Visions of the Future session at Mobile Future Forward in Seattle. Sid Madhavan, vice president of R&D and applications, will share more details on the 3D technology developed by MicroVision at the event.

MicroVision’s 3D PicoP utilizes a mixed-polarization approach with its laser scanning technology to deliver 60Hz frame rates to each eye, enabling the use of less expensive passive 3D eyewear. This allows MicroVision to offer a cost-effective and pocket-sized mobile solution, compared to competitive approaches that utilize two projectors or bulky and more expensive active shutter glasses.

As more 3D content becomes available on a growing range of devices, from smartphones to handheld gaming consoles, users would have the ability to break free from small screens and leverage 3D PicoP to display content over 100 inches in diagonal image size. In addition, MicroVision’s in-motion laser display technology is ideal for high intensity, action-packed 3D mobile games, providing focus-free crisp images for extremely immersive experiences.

“MicroVision technology makes it easier for consumers to view, share, collaborate and play games, using mobile devices that they simply don’t leave home without,” said Alexander Tokman, president and CEO, MicroVision. “3D on the move is a next logical step, and we are uniquely positioned to take the immersive 3D viewing experience beyond the living room.”

Original equipment manufacturers would be able to leverage the 3D technology in MicroVision’s next-generation HD PicoP engine that is expected to be released during the second half of 2012.

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