Monday, September 26, 2011

Ember IP stack demo features iPad app to control multiple smart energy devices

BOSTON, USA: Ember, a leading provider of low-power, wireless mesh networking technology, will demonstrate the latest advancements of its IP-based networking stack at the Autovation 2011 show which begins today in Washington, DC and next week at the Smart Homes 2011/Metering Europe event in Amsterdam.

Ember's IP Stack is targeted at Smart Grid applications, especially smart meters and Home Area Network (HAN) devices. Development of an IP stack to be used in IP-based mains and battery powered HAN devices is an important step in support of the future of the Smart Grid and managing future applications such as micro generation and charging of electric vehicles. It will be Ember's first public demo since it unveiled its IP Stack roadmap earlier this year at Connectivity in Santa Clara.

Ember's demo will showcase a Smart Energy app running on an iPad to get consumption information from an electric meter and to control multiple thermostats and load shed devices. The meter and HAN devices are based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and IP protocols including 6LoWPAN, RPL, CoAP and EXI, while the iPad uses the IEEE 802.11 wireless protocol to communicate with the devices via a wireless router.

The rapid progress of Ember's IP Stack is the result of significant investments and engineering efforts by Ember, as well as collaboration with the low-power wireless mesh networking community. The goal is to deliver a protocol that blends the ability to easily monitor and control HAN devices enabling energy savings and load shifting by providing a technology that is reliable, secure and designed to scale through the long life span and evolving needs of Smart Grid systems.

"Ember is committed to pull its weight along with its customers and partners in standards bodies to develop and standardize low-power IP protocols," said Bob LeFort, Ember's CEO. "Visitors to several upcoming events will get to see Ember's IP stack in action and the benefits this technology will bring in allowing Smart Energy devices to communicate."

Ember's demo can be seen at Booth number 216 at the Autovation 2011 show on September 26 and 27 in Washington, DC. The demo will also be shown at booth SH61 during the Smart Homes Conference and Exposition, part of Metering Europe 2011 in Amsterdam, on October 4-6.

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