Tuesday, June 7, 2011

LG-Ericsson makes connectivity a breeze with two new small office switches

IRVINE, USA: LG-Ericsson USA has launched two new iPECS switches: the iPECS ES-1105G five-port and ES-1108G eight-port Gigabit Unmanaged Ethernet switches. These newest in the iPECS family of switches that are easy to set up and maintain in the network are available now to provide Gigabit bandwidth with the small footprint, simplicity and security that make them work for small business.

With truly easy, cost-effective connectivity, the new iPECS ES-1105G and ES-1108G Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switches connect easily to any network using a combination of auto negotiation to select the optimum speed, duplex for each link and auto MDI/MDIX to eliminate the need for crossover cables. And priority queuing in addition to QoS based on IP 802.1p tagging and IP TOS ensure effective traffic management in the most demanding mixed (voice/data/video) environments.

“These sleek new Gigabit unmanaged switches are a great choice for small office environments that have general high-bandwidth requirements, or are looking to add business-enhancing applications that increase bandwidth requirements,” said Iain Kenney, LG-Ericsson USA’s director of Product Marketing. “These switches make that upgrade easy, and at a very low cost. They’re economical to purchase, easy to install—with no expertise needed—and a breeze to maintain. And bringing high bandwidth combined with Quality of Service they allow more efficient use of the network, and the capability to add money-saving network applications like IP telephony and video conferencing.”

The LG-Ericsson iPECS ES-1100G Gigabit Ethernet Switches can transmit and receive traffic seamlessly in full-duplex mode and at non-blocking wire speed performance. Each port provides up to 2Gbps of bandwidth for transmitting and receiving packets in full-duplex mode, and supports auto uplink, making the switches easy to put to work to expand or upgrade a network. Environmentally friendly as well, the iPECS ES-1100G family of switches support industry standard EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) technology, so not only are they an economically responsible choice, they’re an ecologically responsible choice as well.

The new iPECS ES-1105G and ES-1108G are available now through LG-Ericsson USA’s expert partners and resellers—and backed by LG-Ericsson USA’s expert, US headquarters-based technical support—to put flexible, reliable, economical connections to work for business.

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