Thursday, June 9, 2011

TRAFFIQ goes mobile with Phluant

NEW YORK, USA: TRAFFIQ announced a partnership with Phluant, the mobile rich media technology company, which will enable its users to deploy rich media mobile creative across a broad range of mobile inventory providers.

By enabling publishers that support Phluant to list their mobile advertising inventory within the TRAFFIQ marketplace, agencies and direct advertisers can now access a single web-based platform to buy and deploy rich media advertising campaigns across guaranteed display, real-time bidded display, and mobile all within one centralized interface.

Phluant's unique technology helps advertisers leverage their expandable display banner ads for mobile browsers, bringing the impact of expandable rich media and video advertising to the mobile channel. Phluant's true cross-platform ad format works on all mobile devices—including BlackBerry, Apple, Android, Nokia, Windows and more—giving advertisers complete access to the entire mobile web audience. Sites and networks that support Phluant's offering are easily found within the TRAFFIQ platform by selecting "mobile" as part of the site selection criteria.

"For the past several years, we have been building a tool that simplifies advertisers' lives, and having rich media mobile delivery capabilities accessible within TRAFFIQ gives them the ability to easily control yet another media type with one tool," remarked Nick Pahade, TRAFFIQ CEO. "User engagement is extreme on mobile devices, and mobile users cannot expect to be captured with standard banner creative. Phluant brings the rich media ad experience to mobile devices, and we are pleased to be able to offer our demand side customers the ability to deliver that seamlessly through our platform."

Publishers simply need to add a new mobile inventory channel to their TRAFFIQ account in order to make their small-screen offerings accessible to over 500 registered agencies and direct advertisers that buy within the platform's marketplace—and TRAFFIQ's attribute matching engine, a proprietary media search algorithm, does the rest.

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