Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Interactive Intelligence to release Customer Interaction Center v4.0

DUBAI, UAE: Interactive Intelligence, a global provider of unified IP business communications solutions, is releasing the next major version of its all-in-one IP communications software suite, Customer Interaction Center (CIC).

“We designed our upcoming CIC 4.0 release to give contact centers and enterprises significantly increased scalability and reliability, an enhanced user experience, and improved management insight,” said Interactive Intelligence founder and CEO, Dr. Donald E. Brown. “We’re particularly excited about our innovative speech analytics application, which gives customers an easier-to-deploy and more cost-effective alternative to what’s currently on the market.”

CIC 4.0’s new real-time speech analytics application, Interaction Analyzer, provides real-time keyword- and phrase-spotting on either the customer side, agent side, or both sides of a voice conversation. This real-time capability enables contact center managers to be alerted to problem interactions, then monitor, coach, or intervene to better satisfy customers and improve agent performance.

Architectural improvements in CIC 4.0 provide significant scalability increases. Metrics associated with these improvements include a more than double increase in the number of automatic call distribution (ACD)-enabled agents supported on a single server; a five-time increase in the number of simultaneous interactive voice response (IVR) sessions supported; and a seven-time increase in the number of calls that can be recorded per hour. The company’s increase in product scalability is part of its continued move up-market to make CIC a competitive offering for the largest global contact centers.

Another architectural improvement is the elimination of third-party call processing software from CIC and moving all media processing to the company’s Interaction Media Server. With these enhancements, CIC 4.0 becomes a pure application server that can be located at a central data center with media servers at branch offices, thus creating a private cloud deployment model. This change increases scalability and enables customers to process media locally for improved business continuity and survivability.

CIC 4.0 also includes the addition of Interaction Web Portal, a new application that enables contact center outsourcers to provide their clients with secure, branded access and real-time visibility. Outsourcer clients can monitor live calls, listen to call recordings, and view performance reports. Corporate contact center managers can also use it to give visibility to C-level staff, and agents can access it to monitor their own productivity and proactively help improve customer service.

Additional enhancements in CIC 4.0 include a new Web client, upgraded email handling, more efficient queries of call recordings, and expanded and improved reporting.

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