Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Datasat uses Quantenna 4x4 MIMO chipsets to deliver wire-like performance for Wi-Fi hotspots and challenging home environments

FREMONT & CHATSWORTH, USA: Quantenna Communications Inc., a leading developer of 802.11n silicon for streaming and distributing high-definition (HD) video throughout the home, announced that Datasat Technologies has selected Quantenna’s 4x4 Full-11n 4x4 MIMO chipset for use in an enterprise and consumer 802.11n wireless LAN solution that is optimized for high throughput.

The Quantenna QHS710 chipset enables the Datasat IN100 wireless LAN solution to deliver multiple video streams through several walls over long distances at low packet error rates (PER), either as a mesh-networking solution for frequency offloading in hybrid 3G/4G/Wi-Fi hotspots or as a video bridge for wireless home networks.

“After months of intensive testing and evaluation through pilot carrier deployments at three locations, we have documented the superior performance of the Quantenna chipset under extremely challenging conditions,” said Venkat Kalkunte, CTO for Datasat Technologies. “Combining Datasat's advanced traffic management with Quantenna’s chipset enables Datasat to deliver on our promise of providing cutting-edge developments in video, voice and data communications through application-aware solutions that demonstrate unique rate control for the best possible performance and throughput.”

Quantenna’s QHS7xx family of Full-11n chipsets deliver up to 600 Mbps of bandwidth with near-perfect PER data transfer performance, enabling them distribute up to four simultaneous video streams throughout a building or home with carrier-grade connection reliability for the optimum viewing and gaming experience. The chipsets enable Datasat’s IN100 wireless LAN solution to deliver multiple concurrent video streams at 1080p-120, 1080p-60 and 1080i resolution to several destinations at once.

“We have worked closely with Datasat to help develop one of the world’s most robust solutions for challenging Wi-Fi hotspot and residential home-networking applications,” said Dr. Sam Heidari, Interim CEO and VP of R&D for Quantenna. “The combination of Quantenna’s industry-leading 802.11n 4x4 MIMO chipset with Datasat’s unique intelligent bandwidth-allocation technology delivers wire-like throughput for hotspots and home networks regardless of their radio signal impairments.”

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