Saturday, May 7, 2011

Telecom GPS announces car and motorcycle satellite tracking device with monitoring service

DARIEN, USA: Telecom GPS recently launched an easy-to-install car and motorcycle satellite tracking device, allowing vehicle owners the ability to locate, track and control their vehicles remotely.

Telecom devices are ideal for family and company vehicles as they offer an increased ability to control and monitor vehicles regardless of location. With the ability to locate a car or truck on demand, monitor routes and remotely start or stop an engine, business owners can ensure their employees are on schedule and en-route to their next destination.

Telecom technology aids in protecting company property from theft as each device is equipped with the ability to shut down the vehicle from any location.

Subscribers can utilize the devices adjustable settings to fit their personal needs with customizable options, which can even allow an owner to program specific times the vehicles are functional. In addition, reports are retrieved regarding the vehicle's use and delivered to the owner at the click of a button from their computer or mobile device.

When selected, alerts can be sent to notify the owner when the vehicle ignition is activated, moved from its present location, if the device records a speed higher than a designated speed limit and if the vehicle is outside of a specified area.
Every feature is adjustable and can be reported as frequently or infrequently to comply with anyone's schedule.

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