Monday, May 23, 2011

PTGi ICS launches thexchangeSM 2.0 enhanced platform for fixed and mobile network operators to trade wholesale minutes

HERNDON, USA: Primus Telecommunications Group Inc., PTGi (Primus Telecommunications Group Inc.), through its wholesale operations PTGi International Carrier Services (ICS), announced the launch of thexchangeSM version 2.0, the new and improved exchange platform for trading wholesale minutes. The new platform leverages market data and feedback collected by thexchange users, as well as data collected from observing general day-to-day issues associated with how companies buy and sell wholesale traffic on thexchange.

thexchange 2.0 provides an enhanced, easy-to-navigate, user interface that guides members through the buying and selling process by prioritizing activities. Starting with a new home page, members of thexchange will be able to see new revenue-making opportunities for their buying and selling trading activities.

Users of thexchange can then use the new “MyRoutes” tool that consolidates MarketViewSM, order history and the legacy trading floor into one interface with shopping cart functionality. By creating an intuitive, consolidated user interface, the thexchange 2.0 platform provides one view for its users to access the trading floor, place orders and look at real-time MarketView data.

“We have spent the better part of the past year creating an updated and more user-friendly interface to the platform to ensure not only a better look and feel, but to enhance and leverage the cutting edge technology of thexchange to optimize our users’ experience,” says John Melick, President of PTGi International Carrier Services.

“Our development team has consolidated existing features, and added new functions like our shopping cart, while bringing it all together in a refreshed UI that allows users to more easily see what orders they have, create new orders, compare against real-time data and make changes in an effort to increase revenue and margin opportunities.”

thexchange 2.0 provides two main views for its users: a traditional A-Z carrier rate list with search capabilities, based on quality statistics such as Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) and Answer Call Duration (ACD); and a view, which provides specific trunk group and active rate data. Users can select the routes and associated rates, regardless of a specific code definition, through an added ‘shopping cart’ feature and then ‘check-out’ all selections simultaneously for ease of use.

The platform enables users to update and cancel rates with ‘one-click’ and launches an alert window with associated default rates to ensure accurate selection. The enhanced features and rate selection process guarantees a more streamlined activity log that helps to eliminate disputes and enables defensive pricing strategies.

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