Tuesday, May 31, 2011

POSEDGE announces multi-port Gigabit Ethernet switch IP with IEEE 1588 and AV bridging support

HYDERABAD, INDIA: PosedgeInc, a leading supplier of Wired/Wireless Secure Networking Semiconductor Intellectual Property solutions provider has announced the availability of next generation Multi-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Sub-System IP to integrate to ASICs and FPGAs.

The Multi-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Sub-System IP is based on Wire-speed Secure Packet Processor (WSP) architecture that is scalable from 2-port 10/100 Mbps Switch to 8-Port 10/100/1000 Mbps Switch.

The field proven L2+ Switch from Posedge is enhanced to the next level to support the new features such as:
IEEE-1588 Support for time stamping
A/V Bridging
EEE Support for Gigabit Ethernet
Priority based Flow Control
Enhanced VLAN Support

The firmware is also enhanced to support L3 Extensions, Advanced Filtering, Snooping, and enhanced API for additional programming and configuration. Similar to the previous version, the Software is backed by a tool chain capable of Multi-Core debug and validation.

“Our next generation Multi-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch IP is best suited for WLAN access points, gateways, STBs, etc., in residential and SMB markets. It delivers blistering Gigabit performance, saves energy and provides reliability in one cost-effective, space-saving design,” said Chakra Parvathaneni, VP Marketing, PosedgeInc.

In addition the architecture is scalable from few 100 Mbps to 16 Gigabits per sec with flexibility in deployment with options like CAM based or SRAM based MAC Tables. The new features supported by the L2+ Ethernet Switch are essential for Audio / Video distribution, Power Optimization, and end-to-end performance in adverse environments.

“WSP Architecture provides very high levels of adaptation with programmable processors for classification, packet editing and functions like QoS in hardware,” he added.

Posedge provides, as part of the IP licensing package reference drivers, Management Processor code, and extensive customer support. The IP package consists of Verilog RTL code; self-checking OVM based test bench/test cases and elaborate documentation with functional coverage results. Posedge also offers a suite of design services for customization and integration of the IP cores into customer’s ICs or FPGAs for prototyping.

The L2+ Switch is a completely self-contained IP with proprietary bus for optimal throughput and can operate in Un-Managed Switch or Managed Switch modes. It provides flexible performance that scales with internal memory and processors and is optimal when silicon area and throughput are important and offers exceptional security and flexibility for your business' network.

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