Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ASSIA DSL Expresse 2.3 revolutionizes power of DSL networks

Broadband World Forum ASIA 2011, REDWOOD CITY, USA: ASSIA Inc., the leading provider of high-performance Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM) software tools that are revolutionizing Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) networks, announced the availability of Release 2.3 of its award-winning product, ASSIA DSL Expresse.

New features include fully automated, real-time diagnostics that can integrate with a service provider’s IVR for increased customer satisfaction, and that let onsite engineers confirm line fixes; and neighborhood analysis tools with geo-location capabilities to facilitate highly targeted marketing programs and provide improved reporting capabilities.

These new features, combined with the powerful DSM capabilities of ASSIA DSL Expresse, can help services providers drive significant additional value from their DSL networks.

ASSIA DSL Expresse 2.3 is now available worldwide, and coincides with recent industry statistics that show the growth of DSL continues to outpace both fiber and cable combined. As service providers respond to increased consumer demand for next-generation services, ASSIA DSL Expresse 2.3 is providing the software management tools to help them keep pace without high capital expenditure.

With more than 45 million lines under contract, ASSIA has leveraged the success of its DSM solutions to post a compound annual growth rate of more than 70 percent over the past five years.

“ASSIA continues to drive the future of DSL technology with DSL management enhancements that advance next-generation consumer DSL broadband demand,” said Dr. John Cioffi, chairman and CEO. “ASSIA DSL Expresse enables service providers to leverage existing copper infrastructure to supply increasing broadband data rates, enabling IPTV market growth and improving the Wi-Fi/small-cell offloading experience of mobile smartphone customers.”

DSL’s growth combined with the success of the ASSIA platform-agnostic DSM solution has resulted in ASSIA recently opening an office in China and expanding its worldwide sales organization.

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