Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Zilog announces new ZAURA RF 868 MHz module featuring advanced ZAURA wireless technology

MILPITAS, USA & BIEL, SWITZERLAND: Zilog, a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS Corp. and a trusted supplier of application specific, embedded micro controller (MCU) system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for industrial, power management and consumer applications, today introduced the ZAURA RF Module, Zilog’s new radio frequency wireless module to provide a much more location-independent solution for today’s needs.

The ZAURA RF Module is a 30 mm x 18 mm shielded radio system on a module (RSOM) which operates in the 868-870 MHz ISM bands, and it is available for early sampling. The ZAURA RF Module features an ultra-compact size, extended range and low-power, and is ready for surface-mount reflow assembly. The ZAURA RF Module is suitable for circuit applications that satisfy either the European (ETSI EN300-220-1, EN301-489-3) or North American (FCC part 15.247, 15.249) regulatory standards. Applications range from basic point-to-point communication to more complex multipoint process control functions.

Very little RF knowledge is required to use the ZAURA RF Module because Zilog provides basic and custom firmware routines for controlling the module. These routines shorten time to market for a wide range of wireless applications. In addition, the ZAURA RF Carrier Board (99C1294-001G) is available for development.

The ZAURA RF Module is a cost-effective high-performance radio system on a module designed for the wireless transmission of digital information over distances of more than 500 meters in free space and through walls. The ZAURA RF Module already contains a complete RF/MCU-related design with all of the necessary passive components included. The module can be easily mounted on a two-layer PCB with minimal external connections.

“The new ZAURA Module is well suited for building control, cable replacement, environmental monitoring, home automation, HVAC, lighting control, solar, and industrial monitoring,” said Steve Darrough, Zilog’s director of Worldwide Marketing. “In these applications, measuring and monitoring power use, operation control and diagnostic digitally without wires, is a major capability. By using the air versus wires to communicate, we solve the isolation issues in high voltage systems where wires for monitoring are eliminated thereby reducing cost and improving safety and reliability.”

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