Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Star8 launches Axiom series mobile smart phones

TORONTO, CANADA: Star8 Corp. has announced the launch of its flagship mobile phones, the Axiom series.

The Axiom33, a Qwerty keyboard phone, comes equipped with Digifon mail, a mobile email application providing a seamless push email service. Be alerted every time a new email arrives, without using valuable data time. Star8's proprietary back end system will retrieve your email and let you know it has arrived on your Axiom33.

The most popular social networking applications such as Twitter and Facebook are included along with popular Instant Messaging applications.

Star8 is also pleased to announce The Axiom1000, a full-featured touch screen smart phone. The Axiom1000 runs on Android, the fastest growing mobile operating system in the world. Also included is Star8's exclusive and proprietary push email application, a first for the Android operating system. Manage your data consumption effortlessly.

The Axiom1000 includes social networking hub and instant messaging application as the Axiom33, along with a 4-inch touch screen, assisted-GPS and WiFi.

"The launch of the Axiom Series phones for Star8 is a very exciting time for the company," said William Car, president of Star8. "We are very pleased to have reached this milestone and we are looking forward to the products entering our targeted markets."

Star8 plans to expand the Axiom Series in the near future to include additional form factors and feature sets.

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