Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reliance Communications ushers in next-gen mobile Internet services with Cisco

BANGALORE, INDIA: Cisco announced the completion of a new mobile network for Reliance Communications that will cover 100,000 square kilometers -- the largest 3G deployment in India.

With this new network, Reliance customers will be able to experience new mobile services such as high-quality video telephony and high-speed mobile data, along with enhanced music downloads, instant messaging and online gaming. .

Reliance’s new mobile architecture, which includes the Cisco ASR 5000, Cisco 7600 and Cisco ME 3800X Series routers, will enable Reliance to develop and deliver, on a large scale, highly personalized and customized mobile multimedia services with superior quality and reliability.

The deployment also paves the way for Reliance’s implementation of the recently announced Cisco MOVE (Monetization, Optimization, Videoscape Experience) framework. Cisco’s MOVE empowers mobile operators like Reliance to better manage, enhance and take financial advantage of the rapidly growing volume of mobile data traffic.

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