Wednesday, December 9, 2009

xG Technology embraces Google Voice

SARASOTA, USA: xG Technology, the developer of xMax, an innovative, low-cost, mobile VoIP and data communications system, is excited to embrace Google Voice, the new voice communications management tool from Google.

Google Voice is a telephone and messaging service designed to facilitate personal communications. Google Voice allows users to manage their communications channels, enabling unified communications through one single phone number. In a recent demonstration, the xMax TX60 phone was shown to have fast call completions and very high quality voice while using Google Voice.

xG believes that the Google Voice service would be a natural complement to xMax mobile VoIP. As with Google Voice, the philosophy behind xMax is to improve the overall communications experience for consumers through lower costs, high service quality, and simplified use.

By integrating the Google Voice telephony service with xMax, users can realize the benefits from a low-cost access technology operating in free spectrum, combined with the customer-centric features of Google Voice. xG views this combination as capable of providing powerful savings. Using Google Voice, operators will see dramatically reduced operating expenses, even lower those already delivered by the all-IP and all-VoIP nature of the xMax system and network architecture. This is very good news for consumers.

Google Voice is just one example of advances in mobile applications that will provide excellent interoperability with the all-IP xMax mobile VoIP network solution. The power and flexibility of xMax technology make it a natural fit with add-on IP services that are designed to enhance the user experience.

xMax is the product of xG Technology's extensive R&D activity, a $100 million international effort that involves companies in the US, Europe and Asia. xG's impressive patent portfolio, which includes 50 US and more than 100 international patents and pending patent applications, has been developed with the goal of bringing lower-cost communications to consumers.

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