Monday, June 8, 2009

WHERE releases new app for Palm Pre

BOSTON, USA: WHERE, the premier location-based application from uLocate Communications, is available on the new Palm Pre phone via the on-device beta App Catalog.

Running on the new Palm webOS mobile platform, Pre brings together your important information from where it resides -– on your phone, at your work or on the Web –- into one logical view.

WHERE is the ultimate local application for mobile devices. It quickly helps put the people, places and things consumers are looking for at their fingertips. Local content available through WHERE includes everything from the weather, news, and restaurant reviews, to the cheapest gas, movie show times, and the ability to connect with other users on the WHERE Wall.

Palm Pre is designed to make users’ lives easier by bringing them the people, events and information that they need all in one place. WHERE builds on this unique personalization to provide an exceptionally strong local and social experience to consumers.

”We are thrilled to expand our availability to Palm users with this new and innovative application for the highly anticipated Pre phone,” said Walt Doyle, CEO of uLocate. “Palm has done a great job with webOS, and has allowed us to integrate the features that our consumers love about WHERE with the functions of the device such as calendar and contacts. This integration has helped us deliver a very rich user experience.”

Palm Synergy, a feature of the innovative webOS platform, pulls user’s online calendars into one view and links their contacts from different sources all into one place. WHERE has been able to weave its local and personal content into webOS’s linked contacts, layered calendars, multitasking, notifications and of course its GPS capabilities to deliver a seamless real-world experience.

For example, users can see the nearest gas stations to their location ranked by price, find local movies and insert show times into their calendar, or find the nearest Starbuck's with Wi-Fi access.

"Applications are an incredibly important part of the webOS ecosystem, and we’re excited to be launching the beta App Catalog with the WHERE application," said Pam Deziel, vice president, Developer Marketing, Palm, Inc. "WHERE is a best-in-class application that brings together local and social information in a compelling UI, and we believe that it will prove to be very popular with Pre users.”

The WHERE application for the Palm Pre phone can be downloaded from the on-device beta App Catalog.

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