Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gilat intros NetEdge multi-star VSAT networking solution

CommunicAsia 2009 & PETAH TIKVA, ISRAEL: Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. has introduced NetEdge, a new high-performance satellite communications platform, specifically designed to meet the requirements of multi-star private networks for corporations and for cellular backhaul applications.

As a dedicated solution for multi-star networks, NetEdge addresses two common challenges; the lack of a terrestrial connection between the corporate headquarters and the satellite hub and the need for single-hop connectivity between offices as well as single hop connectivity to the Internet. These issues are not resolved by current SCPC or multiple-hub alternatives.

"Customers in underdeveloped countries often require a locally based network for internal intranet applications as well as direct connection to the major Internet access points in the developed world, but they need this from a single terminal," said COMSYS Senior Consultant Simon Bull. "Gilat has focused on this need with its new NetEdge product."

For cellular backhaul networks, there is a similar need for optimized multi-star systems. A NetEdge multi-star network can consist of many micro-stars each joining multiple cellular base stations with regional base station controllers and a central MSC.

In this way, NetEdge provides a compelling solution for cellular networks with multi-region or multi-country architectures. With NetEdge there is no need for a multi-hub implementation and bandwidth can be shared across subnetworks.

NetEdge builds on Gilat's industry-leading SkyEdge II high-performance platform and can easily be added to existing SkyEdge II networks. Successfully deployed worldwide, SkyEdge II enables lower total cost of ownership through higher efficiencies and full adaptivity for both the inbound and outbound channels.

The NetEdge solution is composed of remote sites using SkyEdge II Access/Pro VSATs, NetEdge Gateways, and a SkyEdge II hub. Single-hop connectivity is provided network wide between the NetEdge components. This enhances the user experience and application performance for all inter-corporation, cellular backhaul and Internet traffic. MF-TDMA network wide shared access implies significant space segment saving compared to alternatives.

The NetEdge Gateways support a forward channel of up to 10Mbps with up to eight return channels providing a total of up to 8Mbps and serving up to 100 remote sites. Quasi-continuous burst technology allows channel efficiencies approaching SCPC but with the benefit of shared access. With NetEdge, bandwidth savings of 30% - 50% can be achieved when compared to SCPC solutions, depending on the network topology.

Erez Antebi, CEO, Gilat Network Systems (GNS), said: "NetEdge creates new revenue opportunities for service providers by extending satellite-based services to private customers and multi-tier corporations. With NetEdge, service providers have the best of both worlds - star network efficiency combined with network-wide connectivity. These translate into a competitive high-performance solution with a low total cost of ownership."

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